Thursday, October 17, 2013

Baby's First Trimester

Know what I love? Pie. And cookies with milk. And "all about me" pages!! So here are some things about my first trimester. It'll say what took place, symptoms, cravings, and I'll throw in some pics for good measure. *wink*


The First Trimester
Months 1-3 (Weeks 1-13)

Cravings ~ Sushi, Pho, and Noodles (any kind really).

Food Aversions ~ Burgers and Chicken....gag.

Morning Sickness ~ I never threw up, but I felt sick to my stomach 24/7 (especially at night).

Weight Gained ~ Nada.

Baby's Sex ~ Everyone in both families thinks it's a boy. I seem to be the only one convinced that it's a girl!

Maternity Clothes ~ Nope, haven't had to wear anything different really. Although sometimes having a higher, tighter waistband makes me queasy.

Pregnancy Symptoms ~ Tender breasts (couldn't take off my sports bra!), non-stop pee breaks, diarrhea and constipation (sorry for that), moodiness, super mega sniffing powers (which never seemed to find nice things to smell), and I was very dizzy if I stood in one place for too long.

Ultrasounds ~ We had our first ultrasound at 9 weeks. It was so crazy and amazing. Our baby was groovin' in there. It looked like she was dancing! We joked that she got her moves from her Daddy.

Notes/Extras ~ I was so happy that I didn't actually get "real" morning sickness, though I remember being absolutely miserable while working because of the dizziness. Especially because I came very close to passing out several times (one of those times was right in front of my boss!).


I didn't really take many pics during the first trimester because I wasn't showing at all. We started out taking pictures regularly, but then after a couple of weeks I said "screw it until I actually start showing"! And that is what we did.

I'd have to say the first trimester was a success. Honestly, I wish I had waited a while to tell everyone because people kept asking how far along I was (repeatedly) and it started getting annoying since I wasn't showing at all. It made the wait of getting a cute belly seem like it was never going to come!

Plus, it was really weird when people that knew I was pregnant rubbed on my belly since they were rubbing me....not my baby. Belly's give you some distance between people too, so without one, people would get really close to rub ME. Weird. Wait until I actually have a belly people! (Family excluded of course).

-Chantel M.

Anyone else get attack belly-rubbed during your first trimester before you were showing? And no, family doesn't count!

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