Sunday, October 20, 2013

Baby's Second Trimester

Whoohoo for trimester number two. This guy seemed to be so much smoother, which will be apparent in my "all about me" trimester facts!


The Second Trimester
Months 4-6 (Weeks 14-26)

Cravings ~ Subway, Arby's, Chinese food, tortas, and hot dogs.

Food Aversions ~ Fish and pho.....ugh.

Morning Sickness ~ Thank goodness the yuckiness went away.

Weight Gained ~ This trimester I gained 8 lbs total! (4 lbs in both month 5 and 6). Each month I was so excited to find out that I gained weight. The nurses just laughed at me!

Baby's Sex ~ I was right! The ultrasound said it is a GIRL! Though the tech didn't get the perfect shot of it, so hopefully it'll stay a girl. She told us she was 90% sure though.

Maternity Clothes ~ You know, this trimester I've been getting away with wearing my clothes as long as I don't button or zip my pants up ( I have to use a rubber band or wear my belly band which I bought later in the trimester).

Pregnancy Symptoms ~ Super lightheaded, constantly RAVENOUS (in other words: hungry like a wolf), and exhausted from doing regular activities. Like walking. Slow walking.

Ultrasounds ~ When we went in for her 20 week ultrasound she wouldn't show us what her sex was! The nurse and I just couldn't wake her up! In fact, during that process the nurse got a picture of her giving us the "loser" sign with her little fingers! I was given a 30 minute break to see if we could get her to move since I really wanted to know her sex and I moved my belly around like crazy. Everyone in the waiting room was staring at me! But it was worth it, because finally we were able to see that it was a girl! And a stubborn one to boot!

Notes/Extras ~ Jaime felt our little girl kick when I was 20 weeks along. It was as if the instant he felt her he became the playful daddy that he is today. Now he talks to her and has poking wars with her and lets her kick him in the face (which is the cutest)! As other news, I quit my job once I was 22 weeks along; and let me say what a huge relief that was. I have no idea how those super moms work all the way to their due dates!


 Looking back at these pictures, I remember thinking each week "My belly is so big now!", but really it was so tiny! 

For a part of her second ultrasound she was sucking her thumb which was precious. The next picture shows the little booger giving us the loser sign with her fingers! This was while we were trying to figure out her sex.

The second trimester was precious. I really treasured this one because I finally got a belly (even if it was a really little one), quit my job, and was able to enjoy my summer (by basically living in the pool).

Thank you again so much for stopping by! 

-Chantel M.

If you have been or are pregnant, what has been/was your favorite trimester? Comment below!

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