Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It had to start somewhere.....

Hello all!

I figured a little introduction was in order (call it boring and no pie for you!). This is going to be my personal blog that centers around what I love most: home and family. I've thought about this first post for a while now and thought to myself "what should I make it about"? I also seriously considered saying "screw it! I'll just write a random post! Who likes intros anyways?!". And then I ended the mini rant in my head and went to having some milk and cookies....

So what's up with the name? Growing up, my friends wanted to give me a nickname (they wouldn't let me help by the way!). After a while of deep consideration, one of them yelled "sunshine"! And that's how it was birthed. Sunshine. So that's that. I wanted to incorporate it somehow so I made up the excuse: Making certain people happy is something I live for. Therefore: little bits of sunshine. Why only little bits you may or may not ask? Well, goodness knows I'm not the best "sharer". And yes, I may or may not have made up the word sharer. Although I probably didn't since it isn't underlined in spell check =).

So here is how it all started........

I met my husband and we started dating. Who knew dating lead to marriage, am I right ladies? Honestly I didn't even notice the poor fellow at first, but then I heard someone playing the piano, saw it was a hot, hot, hottie, and planted my booty on the bench right next to him. Smooth I know. We dated for 3 months....yes you read that right. We dated for a total of 3 months, were engaged for 2 months, and sealed the deal. No returns thank you very much.

We were so little!! I was only 18 years old! He follow at 22 years old. Honestly, I wasn't trying to rush into anything. I wasn't "looking" to marry so young....ok, I really was looking, but only because I was so excited! Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of being a wife and mother! Some dreams come true...

The reason we were engaged for such a short time was because the beautiful temple we wanted to get married in was going to close down for quite a while for a cleaning thing, so we just scheduled it before they closed!

Aaaaaand for my favorites.....

We have been married for 3 wonderful years now and those years have truly been a blast. I just can't help but to get so excited when I hear about people getting married because I just love it so much.

But enough about the gushy stuff! After about 2 1/2 years of being married we decided it was time to start popping some babies out [you're welcome for the visual. Bet that pie doesn't sound as great now! More pie for me =)]. Oh wait, I said enough with the gushy stuff....oh well, we're all full of it!

Anyways, after about 6 months of trying, I was blessed to get pregnant with our first little girl. She still hasn't greeted us with her presence yet, but she is going to be one rambunctious little thing (just like her father).

So what is there going to be here in this bloggy blog you ask? (But not really, so I ask for you). Well curious reader, there will be little ramblings, fun fancies, and some hardcore life.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to peak into mine. Also.....I don't really have any pie right now, but if I did, I would have given you two pieces for reading this far!

-Chantel M.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.....or comments!
Also.......you like pie......but what kind of pie?

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