Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Cookbook Undertaking....

I have been blessed to be able to not only go to culinary school, but also to have wonderful recipes from my childhood all collected in a HUGE pile of nonsense. I mean, if I were to try to find a recipe....good luck's not gonna happen.

This lead me to make a promise to myself swear an oath to everyone reading (and myself):

"I, Chantel M, am going to do a crazy thing, and TYPE all the most important recipes that I have in a nice and neat little way so I can easily find all my favorite recipes without struggle. In other words, the Medina Cookbook is about to commence!"

Craziness, I know. A little overwhelming, but this is something I've always wanted to do and I'm sure if I just told myself I would do it, then it would never get done! Which is why I must tell the world of my craziness. You guys have to hold me to it!

So as I go through the insane amount of recipes that I have, I'll be sure to share some extra special ones with you! ;)

-Chantel M.

Do you have a messy collection of family recipes, or have you made your own cookbooks? Any advice on how to complete this massive task? Leave you comments below!

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