Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The *I'm Pregnant* Story

I love reading about people's pregnancies so I figured I would share mine with you!

After 6 months of trying and one early miscarriage, I finally got pregnant. Though 6 months really isn't that long for trying, I doubted my ability to have children. The fear of not being able to get pregnant really took a toll on me. It wasn't until the 4th month of us trying that I decided to slap the scared little girl out of me and "be a man". Just a little while later was when I became pregnant!

During the first week of April, I woke up knowing I was pregnant. It was one of those gut feelings (not the yucky kind of gut feelings). I wanted to tell my husband, but I really wanted to take a preggo test first to be sure, so I confided in Emily's (now) international godmother and she forced me to take one! 

I simply couldn't stop smiling. This is what I wanted my whole life and finally it was here! It gave me so much energy I darn near bounced off the walls!

Jaime didn't know I had taken the test, so I sat down next to him and pointed to the positive sign. I asked him "do you know what this means?". In return he gave me the sweetest smile I've ever seen him give.

Of course my next step was figuring out when I was due....December 1st! Phew! At least it's a good distance from Christmas! I thought, but she honesty could come close to Christmas or even on Christmas since she's a small baby. 

I don't even think we waited a week before telling our families. The both of us were ecstatic. These ended up being our "pregnancy reveal" photos that we used on facebook (after we told our families of course).

 Aren't those little Tom's to die for?!

 So that's how it happened. We don't know what we are getting ourselves into and wont until December, but we sure are excited to find out.

-Chantel M.

Comment question of the day: If you are pregnant or have been pregnant, how long did you wait to tell your families?


  1. Love this story! It's amazing c: I'm so glad you've had little Emily, she's adorable. "Be a man"...haha
    and then you did the most womanly thing of all- getting pregnant cx
    This is the cutest blog ever Chantel, I'm going to really enjoy it. You have an easy going comfortable and light energy that I love. "This is what I wanted my whole life and finally it was here!"
    I'll be echoing that when I'm older (: