Thursday, March 13, 2014

Baby's Third Trimester

Finally! Hello 3rd trimester, and goodbye being pregnant!!


The Third Trimester
Months 7-9 (Weeks 27-42)

Cravings ~ Milk, COOKIES, cake, cheese-its, and cocoa pebbles.

Food Aversions ~ Pho still gives me the willies!

Morning Sickness ~ No, but can you say hello heartburn?

Weight Gained ~  Total, I gained 30 lbs this pregnancy! I started out at 110 and ended at 140.

Baby's Sex ~ We got another ultrasound and this nurse also thought it was a girl. Thank goodness they were right since I have so many pink clothes!

Maternity Clothes ~  Can you say hello yoga pants and baggy shirts? Cause those are the only items that are being worn these days.

Pregnancy Symptoms ~  A lot of braxton hicks. Everything is exhausting including, but not limited to picking things up, getting out of bed, walking, moving...

Ultrasounds ~ We got an ultrasound in the 29th week and the tech told us that it's still a girl, and that she is growing at a good rate.

Notes/Extras ~  I made it to 42 weeks and the doctor said it was time to induce! He popped my water and labor started up.


 I was so big by the end! Very front heavy.

The second half of this trimester was very hard. Let's just say there was a lot of discomfort and complaining. We'll leave it at that!

Sorry I haven't been on in a while. Ya know, busy having a new little human and all, but thanks for stopping by!! 

-Chantel M.

Feel free to leave any questions and comments!

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