Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Belated Trendy Tuesday

One of the things that is fun about having a baby is being able to dress them. That's why just about everyone wants to get you clothes for your baby shower!

Now, I've been dying to start a "Trendy Tuesday", but for the last two Tuesdays I've completely forgotten, so I say screw it....I'll just start it on a Wednesday!! Every Tuesday I am going to post an outfit with a little fashion tip to go along with it. Most of these tips will apply to little girls, but I'll borrow someone's little boy every once in a while. ;)

Tip # 1: Accessorize!!

Go from drab to fab with an accessory or two. However, make sure your little one is comfortable and be sure that your accessories are safe for the little ones. E.G.: I loved this hat/scarf combo (just for a quick pic), but Emily was obviously not a fan).

Can you say fabuloooooous? You don't have to...'cause I did!!

What are your favorite ways to accessorize? Leave your comments below!!

-Chantel M.