Monday, June 9, 2014

And on the 6th day....

It always amazes me what us mothers are so relieved to see. The new experiences. The good, the not so good, the: I better look that up online to see if I should be worried. You see, I started feeding little Ems solids a few weeks ago. So far it has been going great. She's a natural, loving every second of "real" food, and being a great chewer with those two little teeth.

However this last week has been a different story....there was a pooping countdown happening. 4 days without pooping...5 days with out pooping...needless to say my first time mom instincts were going crazy. I found myself whispering in here ear "please poopoo for mommy honey...we need to poopoo so we both can feel better...please baby.....PLEASE!!". 

I searched the baby books, online, and looked for the most common advice since the internet isn't always known to be the best source. Trying to make myself feel better and seeing if I needed to call the doctor. They all said pretty much the same thing: "if there are plenty of wet diapers and the baby isn't irritable, then they should be fine".

Still I continued to whisper to Ems....begging her to go poop.Finally I gave in. I said: tomorrow, I'm calling the doctor!! 

The next day, Ems woke up to a very full dirty diaper.....

-Chantel M.

P.S. I'm not the only one that freaks out and checks online right?.....RIGHT?!

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