Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Baby's First Toys

Right before my little Ems came I was so excited to get her her first Christmas present. However, her first Christmas was about 2 weeks after she was born, so naturally I had no clue what to get her!
Now that she has been playing with toys, I know which ones she actually liked to play with!
Here are my favorite, and top used toys for baby's first 6 months.

1) Contrast Book

When babies are very small and can't hold any toys or see very well, it's great to have a high contrast book that you can read them. You can purchase this one here.

2) Crinkly Toys
Kids Preferred The Tiny Seed Clip-On Soft Book, The World of Eric Carle

My baby loved crinkle toys when she turned about 3 months old and continues to favor them over most of her toys today!! You can purchase this crinkle book here.

3) Easy to hold Rattle

Little ones love noise, but they have a hard time grabbing on to things and keeping a good grip on them. That's why they love easy to hold rattles! You can find them here.

4) A Small Stuffed Friend

Ever since my Ems was born, she has had her little monkey Ollie with her. It's nice that she is attached to something small, easy to transport, and easy to replace if need be!! (Which totally happened a month or two ago.) Purchase your own little Ollie here!

5) Teether

Nuby Icybite Hard/Soft Teething Keys

Once those chompers start coming, there's no stopping them!! Help your poor little ones out with some sort of teether. There are so many on the market, you won't run out of choices! You can purchase this teether here.

-Chantel M.

What are your child's favorite toys? Comment below!!

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