Saturday, June 14, 2014

Pinspiration Series No. 1

As an avid Pinterest user, I can't help but to pin pretty much everyday. But not only that: I look back and delete pins that I don't like, reorganize boards, look for inspiration in new and old pins, search for recipes, gifts, ect....Probably the thing that I love most is looking back through old pins to find what I need.

Inspired by many blogs that participate in sharing their favorite pins, I am creating a weekly series!! I'll share my favorite pins from the categories: Home, Food, Family, Beauty, and a Random category. I also might throw in a bonus here and there if I can't resist.....which might be a lot ;)

1) Home: I love this adorable little room! It makes me so excited to start designing Emily's room!!

2) Food: Check out these adorable Father's Day Cupcakes!! So cute for the Father's in your life. The site even has a tutorial.

3) Family: Love this adorable Kid's Quote Book. I'm going to have to remember to write down all her cute little quotes when she starts talking.....which won't be for a while!!

4) Beauty: Don't you love freckles? The other day I saw the quote "A face without freckles is like a sky without stars". Yup.

5) Random: Phone case worth waiting for? Yes. Cats galore? Yes.

-Chantel M.

Do you have a Pinspirational blog series? Share a link to your pinterest page here!! Thanks for reading!

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