Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pinspiration Series No. 2

Home: Gold Mirror  .  Beauty: Eye Makeup  .  Food: Frozen Hot Chocolate   .  Random: Tassels  .  Family: Baby Infographic

Boy have I been pinning like crazy this week!! Here are some of my many favorite finds.

1) Home: Though the page mentions the gorgeous jewelry organization, I LOVE that gold mirror and am creating a master plan on how I might make such a beauty!!

2) Beauty: Awesome eye makeup. The site even has a little how-to.

3) Food: Frozen hot chocolate? Can you say yes? Because I can and will. Why hello there summer, lemonade is going to have to make some room for this baby.

4) Random: How to make mini tissue tassels. A must know for any crafty. Which I aspire to become one day...

5) Family: Cutest little baby's first year ever. I couldn't even fit the whole picture!! Seriously go check out their site. Right now...I mean please =).

-Chantel M.

Hope you liked this episode of Pinspitation, but I better get back to my pinning binge! Thanks for reading!!

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