Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summer Goals

With things heating up and summer being around the corner, it seems like a fresh new start. A new season always seems to be a great time to make changes for the better. I've been in a little funk, but am excited to shake it. A list of summer goals is just the thing I need, so here they are!!

1) Look at the sky daily.

I don't get enough of this. The world is so beautiful, but our faces (or maybe just my face) gets stuck on our electronics and sometimes causes us to forget to look at the beautiful world we live in.

2) Cut my grocery bill by at least $100 a month.

This one is going to be a very hard one. I am honestly not sure where all my grocery money goes. It just disappears!! And the thing is, I always try to buy the cheapest things, don't even buy very much meat, and there are only two of us, but I still blow through it! I'm going to have to take a long, hard look at where it all goes because for now, I have no idea.

3) Cut down on late night snacks.

Not looking foward to this goal, but it really has to get done. Night time brings on these hardcore cravings and I just eat everything in sight (and it's not because I'm hungry). I simply eat to eat at night. (It's a curse).

4) Start making past purchases mean something.

Have you been guilty of buying something you want SO badly, but never end up using it (or just using it once)? Because I am. So why not pull out those mini cake pans that you bought forever ago and make them worth what you spent for them instead of letting them continue to gather dust!!

5) Go to bed already!

Self control is something I need more of. I am a night owl, but am very tired of staying up until 1 am.....which it is right now. I'm obviously not going to go to bed at 9, but at the very just would like to start turning in at 11 or 11:30 pm.

6) Do the things I love.

Sometimes I get into this mindless electronics mode. I glue myself to my phone or computer and make the day not even mean anything. Hopefully this summer I can live for the moment, go on walks, really enjoy some cold lemonade, hang out with other young moms, read a good book, climb a tree or even go on a hike....I want to think back on my day's activities and want to do them all over again the next day.

A big thanks to Dearest Love for the inspiration!!

-Chantel M.

What are your summer goals?! Comment below...and thanks for reading!

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