Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Saving Some Money

Everyone loves baby clothes. Maybe it's because they're so little. Or maybe it's because cuteness looks even cuter on a little cutie!! Whatever the reason, it really is hard not to buy all those expensive little clothes when your little one will only wear them for a short time before he/she moves on to the next size.

However, do not dismay!! There are other ways to buy baby clothes than at those expensive stores at the mall. Here I'll share a few of them with you now.

1) Yard Sales

It's best to search on Saturday mornings. I like going around 9 am, but as long as you go toward the morning  time you'll still get lucky at yard sales!!

2)Consignment Stores

Salvation Army, Goodwill, ect...all have a luck factor. there's nothing wrong with looking though.

3) Hand-me-downs. 

Of course not everyone has older kids, so ask friends, people at church, and other family members with kids if they have any extra hand-me-downs. You might be suprized how many clothes someone will bring you if you let them know that you'll use them. 

4) Ross or Marshall's 

A little more expensive than the other choices, but still cheaper than stores at the mall.

Now, all of these options are a matter of luck. So don't be discouraged if you try a few different places in one day and don't find a single thing. Go back in a week or two when there are new clothes available and you might luck out with a bunch of things!! Good luck!!

-Chantel M.

What are your favorite places to get cheaper baby clothes?

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