Monday, August 18, 2014

LA Trip [Part 1]

Hi everyone!!

We just got back from yet another mini LA trip! As you might have noticed, taking little trips is kind of a trend for us. We love traveling! And not just regular trips, but mini getaways and day trips too.

The main reason we went was so go to Emily's cousin's birthday!! It was very cute and a lot of fun.

Em's loved the park!! She wasn't the biggest fan of the swings, but she loved the slide.

"Are you guys going to help me out here or just keep taking pictures...?"

Oh, and can I say my man looks dang good as a circus ring-master? All he needs is a top hat!! (And a circus).

We also stopped by the aquarium one of the days we visited which I'll tell you about in the next blog post. (By the way, I really am trying to cut out some of the exclamation marks. They're just so addicting!! Aaaah!!).

See you next post, and thanks so much for reading! Is there anything you'd like to see me post about? Because I'd love to know. Post your comments below and again, thank you!

-Chantel M.

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