Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pinterest Series No. 4

Oh Pinterest tree, oh pinterest tree, how addictive all your pins aaare.

1) Random: Do I use coasters? No. Do I want to make these adorable coasters and use them every meal? Yes.

2) Beauty: Create this beautiful headscarf roll with this easy to follow tutorial.

3) Home: Can you say adorable? Use a book shelf and line with cute paper prints. Store cute little goodies inside and walla. Adorbs.

4) Food: Oh. My. Freaking. Gosh. I really love me some rolos, and once I saw this icecream recipe? Well let's just say I'm going to be buying myself an icecream maker reeeal soon. 

5) Kids: Little ones are a little tricky to feed sometimes, so here are some easy food ideas for one year olds.

-Chantel M.

See you next time!!

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