Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Vacation Story...that turned into something not so great...

I've been out of town for quite a while so I figured I'd share what we've been up to!! My family moved to Utah, so we helped them pack, drive up, and unpack a little. It felt much longer than we expected, but was quite nice. The packing and the drive up was probably the hardest part. For me with the baby and my sister, the drive was 16 hours (when it could have been 10), but for my husband who went with the boys and the moving van, it took 18 or 20 hours!!

Once we got up to Utah, the trip was especially great because Emily was able to meet a few family members and take a little break from driving. We were also able to go to a little recreation center that Emily absolutely loved. My little fish loves the water.

On our way home we decided to stop in Vegas for the night and enjoy our time a little. It was so wonderful!! We stayed in Circus Circus and had a great time. We walked around and played carnival games in which I won my little Ems a unicorn, got a fridge magnet (a Medina family trip tradition), and watched a few cute little shows. That night there was a fire drill in which everyone had to evacuate the building which was interesting, but luckily Ems slept through the whole thing (I was holding her ears shut as I walked through the building to go outside).

Circus circus was awesome by the way!!

Now for the unfortunate part. Once we got home, we found that our home was robbed. We got very lucky though. While we were gone, our landlord found the window broken and fixed it, (she called us to tell us of course), but didn't think it was actually broken into since there were electronics right in the room that was entered. The thief didn't damage anything or even shuffle through anything and only took three things. Our working laptop, Playstation 3, and the PS3 games. And to top it all off we don't have renter's insurance and the police couldn't take finger prints because it had been too long since the break in.

We were fortunate nothing was ruined, but it certainly was a bit of a scare. It made us really appreciate the things that we have, but most importantly, it made us really grateful for our safety. 

-Chantel M.

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