Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Bucket List Top Ten

Whenever I mention bucket lists, people always mention how depressing it is to think about them. But I completely disagree! I always think of them as a positive thing. I mean come on, everyone has a life in which they hope to acomplish some amazing things. So why not write them down (so you don't forget them), and actually do them?!

Here are the items on my:
Bucket List Top Ten

1) Cook a Thanksgiving Dinner

2) Take a Disney Cruise to the Caribbean or the Bahamas

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3) Eat a Croissant in Paris
4) Milk a Cow
5) Vacation in Hawaii
6) Hold a Baby Sea Turtle
7) Go Skinny Dipping

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8) Swim with Dolphins
9) Sing Carol of the Bells with a Full Orchestra

10) Catch a Fish, Gut it, and Eat it

So there it is! What's on your bucket list top ten? Comment below and thanks for stopping by!

-Chantel M.

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  1. I've been putting together a bucket list for my blog too! 2, 3 and 5 on your list are also on mine. :) how did you manage to narrow it to ten? my post gets longer and longer and i keep trying to shrink it LOL