Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pinterest Series No. 5 Fall Edition

Beauty: Fall fashion  .  Home: Fall Mantel  .  Kids: Fall Kids Photograph  .  Random: Fall Wedding  .  Food: Pumpkin Spice White Hot Chocolate

Happy September everyone! I love fall very much. The scarfs, hot chocolate, colors, and pumpkin everything...there is just so much I've been looking foward to. I already popped out my pumpkin candle from Bath and Body works!

1) Beauty: I love everything about this outfit. From the gorgeous colors on the scarf and dainty necklace, to the flowy shirt and yellow coat. Simply love it.

2) Home: One of my favorite parts of a new season is the decor I get to put up! I wish I had a fireplace mantel so I could decorate it like this gorgeous one.

3) Kids: Of course siblings hugging is already super precious, but stick them in an aweome pile of fall leaves and you've got yourself the perfect shot.

4) Random: If I would have had a fall wedding, then this would have been it right here. The leaves are beautiful and so is the lovely cover for her dress!

5) Food: Simply five words. Pumpkin. Spice. White. Hot. Chocolate. 

-Chantel M.

What is your favorite part of fall? Comment below!

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  1. I'm a jeans & tee kinda girl but I always look forward to fall for the fashion. I love a great sweater/scarf, layered outfits and wearing boots. Also, whenever the weather here in Bakersfield finally allows me to open all the windows in my house and let cool, "fresh" air circulate, I'm one happy mama.