Monday, September 22, 2014

Things I'll Learn Before I'm 30

There are certain things that I think everyone should be able to do. Unfortunately, I can't do a lot of them!! So I made myself a list: 30 things I'm going to learn to do before I turn 30. I have about 7 years, so hopefully I'll get most, if not all of it finished!

Here you are::
Things I'll learn before I'm 30

1) Basic Survival Skills::
 Start a fire without matches, tying knots, purify water, building a shelter, ect.
2) Grow My Own Food::
Fruits and vegetables.
3) Basic Car Functions::
Change a tire, jump start a car, simple repairs, ect.
4) Re-Learn Medical Lifesavers::
CPR, firstaid, ect.
5) Self Defense::
Single and multiple attackers.

6) Know How to Invest in the Stock Market::
Invest money to make money.

7) Speak at Least One Other Language::
For better communication skills.
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8) Know How to Navigate a Map and Compass::
Aso, navigate without a map or compass.
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9) Be Able to Sew::
Sew an outfit, button, zipper, ect.
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10) Buy a Car Without Being Ripped Off::
Including price negotiation and proper inspection
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11) Simple Bike Functions::
Fix a flat, fix a fallen chain, ect.
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12) Drive Manual Cars::
Everyone should know how to drive stick. Including me.
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13) Know How to Parallel Park::
No, I really don't know how to do it.
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14) Create a Basic Emergency Preparedness Kit::
One for each member of my family, and one for the car.
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15) Handle Basic Tools::
Hammer, bladesaw, axe, ect.
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Is it pretty bad that I don't know how to do any of these things yet?!

-Chantel M.

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