Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fitness Week: Day 7

This fitness week has been fantastic. About halfway through was the hardest, but I still worked out which was great. I did not work out on the sixth day, but on that day I did stretch and didn't feel bad about skipping. Our bodies need a break to heal anyways.

Even though I only made a goal for the week, I'm going to keep going. One more week. And heck, if I still feel good at that point, then I'll keep on going. It might be tough after another week though because my brother will be leaving me to head to the military. What will I do without my workout buddy?!

The nutrition has been going alright. It started out great, but then I started to slack off a lot. Lately I've been having hardcore slurpy cravings that I've been satisfying, so that's a thing. Honestly the nutrition thing wasn't my biggest goal to keep. I really wanted to just eat more vegetables, which I have been doing. Also, I have loved making smoothies with kale or spinach in them to get even more veggies without having to taste them!

I'll keep you posted on how it goes and hopefully I'll improve again on my nutrition!

Thanks for stopping by!

-Chantel M.

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