Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Realistic Dream Home

Someday day, Jaime and I will get our dream home. It probably won't be quite a dream home right when we purchase it: I'm imagining a little bit of work going into it, but eventually that's what it'll become. I thought it would be fun to put a post up of some of the work I would do to and what I would look for in my dream home.

Hopefully we'll be able to find a cozy little craftsman home or a cottage; something with a little character.

The other day I was searching Pinterest for the perfect, but realistic details that I want in my future home. Not suprizing for me or my husband, the first thing to come up was trees. Jaime loves trees and after being married to a tree lover for four years, so do I. I could totally imagine us in a neighbor hood like this, where the trees change color with the seasons

If I could describe my dream home in three words, it would be cozy, light, and airy. In my living room I'd like to have large windows and for it to simply feel warm and inviting. (We would probably not have a white couch though since we'll have multiple kids!).

Also, my livingroom will have a mantel. I'm alright with not having a working fireplace, but I'd install a faux mantel for decor! Because come on, everyone should have a mantel to hang their Christmas stockings!!

Next up is my dream kitchen. I'm going to have it light, bright and white! I love both of these kitchens, but especially enjoy the one with the wood counters.

source                                                                                                      source

Next is the bedroom. I love how cozy and airy this bedroom is. And those french doors are to die for!

I'm not too particular about the bathroom specifics, but I am totally making signs like this to help guests!!

The backyard is going to be a huge part of our new home. We want something with trees, an area to hang out, a garden area, and maybe even a kids play area.

source                                                                                                      source

So there it is!! My future dream home. What will you have in YOUR future dream home? Comment below!!

-Chantel M.

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