Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Crazy Month Update Coming Soon

Hello all!!

Things have been extremely hectic lately. From Emily's birthday party to Christmas and moving to a different state, things have been very interesting. I have missed blogging and am definitely going to be getting back to it as soon as things start to settle around here (which should be within a week or two). So expect a real post pretty soon showing all our recent adventures. 

Thanks for sticking around!!

-Chantel M.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Emily's 1st Birthday & Christmas Wishlist

Hi eveyone!! It has been way too long. Things around the Medina houshold have been absolutely crazy lately. With Emily's birthday, Christmas ,and moving, it's been hard to come up for a breath. Since Emily's birthday and Christmas is coming up pretty soon, I thought I might share Emily's wishlist!! Of course she didn't write it herself, but these are things that she has enjoyed at other people's homes that she loved and/or seen in stores and would love to use.