Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Emily's 1st Birthday & Christmas Wishlist

Hi eveyone!! It has been way too long. Things around the Medina houshold have been absolutely crazy lately. With Emily's birthday, Christmas ,and moving, it's been hard to come up for a breath. Since Emily's birthday and Christmas is coming up pretty soon, I thought I might share Emily's wishlist!! Of course she didn't write it herself, but these are things that she has enjoyed at other people's homes that she loved and/or seen in stores and would love to use.

1. We love the skip hop owl backpack, but it's a little big for Emily, but this baby one is the perfect size!! (We wouldn't use the leash, but it doesn't come without it!).

2. Emily totally loves this clicking rainbow walker. It's been proven!!

3. She has been stacking things like crazy and would really use this little guy. Especially if it's wooden (she likes the texture).

4. She has a kitchen and little pots, but no food to play with! 

5. Play tunnel. She already tries to crawl in and under everything and would probably go crazy over one of these.

6. Emily shakes and hits everything that makes noise, so having instruments that are actually made for that would be great.

7. Our little one is a natural book worm. Pretty much everyday we find her reading her books to herself. She doesn't play favorites either, she likes them all!

8. Emily loves apple sauce, but it's way to messy to feed to herself, but these re-usable food pouches would really come in handy for her to use on the go!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope to give you guys an update on Emily's party pretty soon. See you later!!

-Chantel M.

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